Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My heart's cry - FILL ME

Is it possible for me to drop everything I've been holding & just run to You?
Is it possible for me to just have You, in Your Purest sense?
That's what I want - You; in an undiluted form.
Where's this Enchanted place Lord, where I can go to find ONLY You?

You told me to let go of my dreams and hold onto You instead and since then I just can't get enough.
Desperate is how it sounds & desperate is exactly what I am.
Is it possible for me to get my fill Lord?
Is it possible that You'll give me as much of You as I desire?
Is it possible that You long for my embrace even more than I crave Yours?
You stand there with outstretched arms, eagerly waiting don't You? :)

Purify me Daddy and meet me in this Enchanted place.
Reveal Yourself to me,, so that no day becomes meaningless.
Meet me face-to-face that I may cling to Your presence.
I want eyes and a mind that are fixated on You.
I want to sit at Your feet like a child; in complete awe & fascination.
I want to sit with a heart wide open, that's ready to pour out all I've brought to offer & with cupped palms..ready to get my fill.

Fill this desperate little girl Abba, for her soul yearns for You!
Fill this desperate little girl Lord, and let it overflow!
Let it overflow like the Mighty waters, so that others will see
that You are her Source,
And with cupped palms, run desperately to get their fill.


  1. Wow!! This is just... I am speechless. Could not have said it better myself and this is a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL post!!! God bless you so much!!!! :D

  2. gud 2 kno u see it that way 2 :)
    thank u!

  3. wow..this is exactly how I feel! I need Jesus to satisfy this very longing heart! :)