Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's all about You

After listening to the song ‘It’s all about You’ repeatedly, I could acknowledge my most well learnt lesson in my walk with Christ – it’s not about me & it never was . When I gave my life to Christ, that should’ve meant giving him my will, my desires, my hopes, my dreams, my talents & receiving His instead. I had difficulty doing that because I wanted to see my dreams become a reality; I wanted to help God plan; be His little assistant or something. I still had hopes of doing this n becoming that, getting this & experiencing that, simply because I saw it suitable and that’s normal right? Well…I’ve realized that doing that means that I’m still holding on to a part of my life instead of leaving it in the Potter’s hand. Thank God he’s released my grip from my own life & opened my eyes. Since then, everything started to make sense. I understood why things happened the way they did in my life and I began to understand what God’s ulterior motive is in the lives of all Christians. This song explains it well – “It’s all about You Jesus & all this is for You, for Your Glory & Your Fame.”

Everything God does in our lives is for HIS glory. We can now see why God allows both good and bad to happen 2 us- so that he can be glorified. God doesn’t allow anything in life to happen unless it will bring Him glory. You see, we don’t live for ourselves; our lives no longer belong to us (or so it should be). Good things don’t necessarily happen to u because you’re good & bad things don’t necessarily happen to u because you’re bad. When something good happens in your life, it either results in you giving God glory or it touches someone else and then God is glorified in their eyes. When things don’t go our way at 1st and then God takes us through it, who gets glorified in the end? Yup, that would be God.

I’ve completely given up my life. It didn’t happen in one day and it definitely was a humbling experience. I’ve gone from overwhelmingly questioning God, to complete surrender. I no longer ask “Why can’t I fully focus on the things I do best, if I’m good at them?”, “How can you take this dream from me when I’ve had it all my life?”, “Why would you ask for my best gift; what means most to me, if You blessed me with it?” God needs things to play out a particular way so that he can be honoured; so people can see his greatness. He needs us to see that his grace is sufficient. He needed me to see that He alone is enough.

Our talents, our strengths, our weaknesses, our ambitions, our friends, our future and our circumstance are not by chance. All that we do and all that we go through affects someone, somewhere and it all brings glory to God. So….
I'll obey him because I love him
I'll still have faith because I trust him
I'll offer my best sacrifice, because he's worth it.
He alone is God & I'll surrender to His ways


  1. Beautiful. That is what I think of this post. :) God bless ya'!

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