Sunday, October 18, 2009

~. Back to the Basics .~

Open our eyes Lord that we may see how far we've drifted from Your will.
Father forgive us, for:

* we have questioned Your Word and Your will, and called it "intellect".

* we have aimlessly attended church, and called it "worship".

* we have kept silent when others boldly went against Your will, and called it "tolerance".

* we have polluted our lips with profanity, and called it "freedom of speech".

* we have exposed and wrongly embellished YOUR TEMPLE, and called it "fashion".

* we have accepted unholy or profane music and called it "diversity".

* we have tried to juggle being of this world and being spiritual Christians, and called it "versatility".

* we have blindly requested things from You, and called it "prayer".

* we have repeatedly praised ourselves instead of giving YOU the credit, and called it "self-esteem" or "confidence".

* we have been sexually immoral, and called it "human nature".

* we have ignored You, doubted You, cursed You, disobeyed You, and STILL we call it "Love".

Hear our cry oh Lord and forgive us, for we know what we have done.
Guide us as we return... to the BASICS OF LIFE.

(Actually written 2 years ago)


  1. Did you write that yourself? I love it!! It's so true and really it showed me a lot. Kinda like a wake up call for me. :) Thanks for posting it!

  2. ur welcome!
    yea I did. I was inspired by something some1 else wrote though