Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does Paradise Entice You?

OhMaGosh, if heaven started tomorrow, would you be satisfied?
Think of all the things that are great in your life, all the things you want to experience, all the things that bring you joy. If tomorrow those things were instantly replaced for something greater (God in His purest form), would you be excited?
If starting tomorrow, as Christians, all we had was God himself and all we did was praise Him & be in awe & bond with Him, WOULD THAT BE ENOUGH??

Does heaven truly excite us?
Think about it. I can just hear some of the answers that you subconsciously whisper in your minds.
- " Heaven? Of course! I mean after all, isn't that our goal?"
- " Yup, that's why we got saved isn't it?"
- " Yes it sounds like a nice place because it's perfect!"
I remember my answer to that question. It was " I'd be excited about going to heaven, yeah, sometime in the future when Jesus comes & all that stuff happens." But then God asked me, "What about now? Would you be excited to go now?"
"What God? Why would I need to think about going now?"
He gave me time to search my heart but tonight He came back for an answer. What I found prior to His visit scared me.

If God came & whispered to you, "Hey, Come on. Heaven starts tomorrow" would your heart race with excitement or would you be like "um ok cool"? Would you happily let go of your present joys? Would you secretly be just a tad bit disappointed because you were just two years away from the perfect job? Or because 2010 was supposed to be your year to shine? Would you ask God for a bit more time here because you hoped to be married in a few years or maybe so that you could experience the miracle of childbirth first? If God said "Heaven tomorrow", would he be interrupting our lives?

After searching and seeking, the truth saddened my heart for I realised just how wrong this sounded if as Christians, heaven did not truly excite us NOW. I realised that if God ALONE is not really & truly ENOUGH for us right now, then it is impossible for the idea of Heaven to genuinely excite us NOW.
That thought scared me.

Is God only enticing when He shows up with the accessories of life? Does God only appeal to you because he has promised you something great in the future or because your life is currently an excellent reflection of his abundant blessings?
Don't think for a second that we accepted Christ because we were truly desirious of Him. We didn't even know Him, remember? We accepted because we realised that we need Him. We accepted him because HE CHOSE US... & it's great that He did & it's great that we then chose to seek Him that we may be blessed and whole. But if Christ called you to live with him, without the things, dreams & relationships we have here and just glorify Him with complete contentment, would - you - be - thrilled?
We do realise that that's what Heaven is like right? Have we realised that Heaven is so perfect because all that exists is God, his angels, his children, perpetual praise and a satisfaction & joy that is immortal?

So I found my answer just in time.
" Yes Lord, the thought of Heaven right now would delight me."
I have learned that extreme pain will be experienced at some point because this is the flawed version of life, but thankfully God is greater than all pain. I have also learned that the joys of this life are exquisite but they are merely a sample of The Real Thing.


  1. Wow. This definitely gives me something to think about. Thanks for being so real and raw. God bless you!!

  2. is something to think about

  3. "Is God only enticing when He shows up with the accessories of life?"
    that was incredible, thnkyou for being *souled out*
    and for making me question the truth of my expectation for Heaven