Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unconditional Love

There's a part of me that has always craved love.
A love that would fill the gap when parental love just could not suffice.
A love that'd make me feel like a Queen
who, in her finest gown spins on the dance floor
& the world watches - amazed at her grace and glory.
I've longed for a love that would occur naturally;
a love that would not dare let me go.
A whisper so sweet, it calms me.
A touch so enchanted, it revives me.

But when oh Lord, did I get here?
When did You become more than enough??
I need not search for You professed your Love a long time ago.
It was I who was on your mind when you hung from that cross!
Oh... what love so Divine.

How Great is your desire for me that you should
woo me & serenade me,
comfort me & heal me,
fight for me & even... die for me.

As I reach for your face my Lord,
I ask that you fill my cup.
For once I have your love,
I will thirst no more.

The love of others wanes in comparison to yours.
The touch of man dwindles and fades when compared with yours.
For ONLY you can truly satisfy.

You never left, even when I lost faith.
You complained not once
when I indecisively ran to and from you...
Your comfort is incomparable to any I've known.
Your embrace... stills my soul.

Withold from me no portion of your love dear God!
For I am yours...
mine. :-)


  1. Omw!! So true!! That is how I feel right now! I am his Queen and he showers his love on me! Wow I love this poem!!!

  2. Glad to know I have company! Thank you dearest :)

  3. Couldn't have said it better. This is a beautiful post. You have a gift. :) Love to you my dear sister in Christ!!!