Friday, November 6, 2009

That Voice...

I'm holding on.
To what exactly?
I'm not so sure as yet.
There's something keeping me though.
It feels safe
so I won't let go.
It's strangely comforting.
I'm being called & I know it
and I'll lovingly accept that calling.
I've been scared and uncertain so many times,
but that voice...
it's...just soo comforting & compelling!
For some reason, I cannot resist. I MUST follow it.
That voice...oh how it sounds familiar! :)
It is the voice...
the one that stands out among the many in my head.
Those voices say, "I don't understand", "Will I be ok?", "Is this really how it's supposed to be?", "Will I lack anything?"
Those voices whine, "But God, this wasn't my plan", What if I feel alone?", "Whyy would put me in that exact position if it wasn't where I belonged?", "Are You sure that if I follow You wholeheartedly I will find the greatest sense of peace?"
But that voice...
That enchanting voice tells me a different story.
It sings my name & I love it.
That voice whispers, "Do not be afraid", "You can't see it all now but trust me."
That voice says "Nuh worry bout what you don't understand right now.", "I knoww it wasn't your plan, but I have a greater one", "Will you lack??? My love, I am, always have been & always will be more than ENOUGH", "Sweetheart, didn't I promise you that I will never fail you?"
So like I said...
I'm holding on.
To what exactly?
That voice...
The Voice of Truth.
That sweet voice is all I have & I'll be forever grateful;
For all my strength & all my hope lies within

that Voice...