Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dare I go there..?

They say beliefs surrounding religion is one thing that we are advised not to discuss. We are told to be open minded and to respect all the options that are out there. With that said, dare I go there..?

I won't keep silent for I know the truth..
Which other god describes himself like mine?
Don't be afraid. Be a rebel & check it out!

Whose signature can you find on every item of creation?
The very One you doubt.
& Although you doubt the Author of Life, He takes little offense to it because He is still overcome with love for you.
Who else can you think of who's willing to pour out nothing but pure love to you? Who welcomes our empty hands held high in worship as though we are giving Him the greatest gift?
Which other god can you not look into the face of because his glory shines so brightly?
Let's reason.. Buddha? Allah? Confucius? Marx? Brahman? ...Satan?

Many say " I believe in a superior being but I'm just not sure how there can be only one when people worship so many. How do you know yours is true?"
Tell me something.. which other god has sought after your soul, offering a kind of fulfillment which can be found nowhere else?
Which other god chooses his people?
Which other god meets us where we are and has no other requirements except that we accept and follow Him wholeheartedly & love Him all our heart, mind, body & soul?

We all proclaim that humans fall short; that we are imperfect; but by whose standards?? How can the concept of perfection even exist if we say we don't know Perfection Himself?
Never thought about it right?
So which other lord presented another option for the fate of sinners?
Name another lord who welcomes every type of sinner and who declares that by His blood ANYONE can be washed clean?
Can you find another king who left his throne of Grace and became flesh to redeem us and be disgraced by us in the process??

Enlighten me if you can, of another god who disproves of RELIGION but simply urges us to fall deeply in love with the ONLY Righteous One.
You see, I'm open for options but I'm yet to come across another god who declares that he is in need of nothing I can give & even if I were to stop praising him, he would still reign over the earth because the very earth He created would glorify Him!

I can't help but notice that no other offers a love so incomprehensible to all, which shows that His love is above and beyond all.
Where else can I find one who says our fate is not dependent on how good or bad we are and that it is not our works but our faith that makes us righteous?
Find me one who is like the Lord my God, Jehovah, Abbah, Jesus Christ.

To the omnipresent, jealous, holy, perfect God; To the one who gives and takes away; The only Truth, the Reigning King, my heart's desire; the image of perfection who yearns for fallen souls;
To you my Love... I raise my life.


  1. I love it!!! Amazing... sick reasoning! i'd like to see this performed i front of an audiece.... a hardcore anti-Jesus audience..... dare i dare... i c it there... stiring up the crowd.... transforming lives, throwig ppl into the ring with their dearly held patters of thought.. craaaaazy... and of coarse i see myself there making an alter call, consumed by Christ's luv... compelled to implore (ahhhhh 2cor 5:14-15 and 20 maaaad) Jesus Hav it ur way, jus say so... we deh deh...
    Thx Ellice

  2. Beautiful!! I love this! You are so talented, wonderful daughter of the King!!! You are special. Never forget that!