Sunday, September 26, 2010

Imagine This

Imagine what could happen if we gave God our all.
What would happen if each of us served God with our WHOLE heart?
What if we listened keenly to Him daily and actually obeyed?
What if our love for God overflowed so much that everyone who crossed our path would automatically experience a little bit of that love?
Imagine what this world would be like if our first thought as we woke each morning was “How can I bring You glory today Lord?”
What if all of us just HAD to tell someone about God’s love?
What if we got DESPERATE?
Friends, what if God was all that you needed?
What if we wouldn’t give up on Him when things were not going smoothly?
What if our praise did not depend on our circumstance or our mood?
Imagine what could take place if we committed our lives to serving and obeying God.
What if we longed for holiness more than company?
What if we sought after righteousness instead of acceptance?
What if we desired intimacy with God more than comfort?
What if the day we looked forward to most was the day when we see Christ face to face
And not graduation… or getting that promotion… meeting that special someone or having that first child?
Young people, what if we didn’t care what people thought?
What if we stopped denying Christ with our… silence?
What if we weren’t satisfied with where we are now?
What if we actually did something about that!
What if we wouldn’t limit God?
What if we would search our hearts?
What if we became FANATICS?
Oh Lord, what would happen if we would let go
of all this world has to offer and
just run
so hard after You.


  1. "What if we stopped denying Christ with our… silence?"

    that is convicting, but we can't be silent - not with what we've been given

  2. I've been really good!! :) How have you been? Hope your weekend is really blessed!

  3. I've been good too. :-) Drawing closer to God lately. Haven't heard from you in while so was just checking up :-)