Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seek ye first

If God is not enough, what can possibly be?

What can truly be more satisfying than the Creator and the Saviour himself?
What can soothe the soul that always yearns for more?
If not Love himself,
then who?
If not Hope itself,
then what?

Is there something else in life worth seeking after 100%?
The things which I chase after last, but only for a while.
All that my hands reach for and all that my eyes envy will fail at some point.
But Him?
He never dies. His love never fades and His glory always shines.
Oh when will we realise that the joys of this life can be deceiving?!
Its alluring nature must never find us thinking that we can't find something sweeter than the taste of earthly pleasures.

-Seek ye first the Kingdom of God -

Mmmm. That's it! That is indeed God's desire for me.
"Seek me first", He whispers " and all that is mine; all that is good, will be yours."

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God - for it is the foundation on which immortal pleasures are built.


  1. Fantastic post! God is to be our greatest treasure. In Him we have all that we need.