Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting to know me

So this isn't my regular type of post...but I decided to do it anyway.

1. I have to humble myself before God everyday…it’s the only way that I can be anything near Christ-like.

2. I’m spoilt with love. I ‘m used to be treated well. I’m not spoilt in the sense that I always get what I want though.

3. I like painting for two reasons: it gives me a sense of accomplishment and it presents an opportunity to replicate something that’s beautiful in its own way.

4. I think I shortchange myself.

5. Ok so I definitely shortchange myself :|

6. I really like the idea of being healthy and fit but actualizing that desire requires so much work and discipline.

7. I don’t like when I’m disliked. I know we shouldn’t really care in situations like those, especially if it is for no good reason or no reason at all, but it isn’t a good feeling. Don’t worry, I would not compromise anything in situations like that though.

8. I’d rather hang with guys than girls because they are more laid-back and I somewhat feel more accepted around them. Most of my close friends are girls though and I cherish them dearly.

9.Adventure interests me. Anything with heights excites me. (Ziplining for example). I’ve also always wanted to ride a motorbike (just to see what it’s like.)

10. Sometimes I find it hard to open up to people. To me, it is like giving someone something to carry and not being sure if they even want to carry it. So I guess I feel like people aren’t obliged to listen furthermore be interested.

11. I like listening to people. I’m not really the type to “just make conversation” so when I ask you if you would do something or about what you want to do in the future or what you learnt today, it’s because I’m actually interested.

12. I’m not really a phone person.

13. I enjoy my own company. I like being alone at times but there are also times when I hate it.

14. One day I hope to repeat Kirk Franklin’s words “ My entire life is a miracle.” One point of reference he made was that “I have a large choir but I’m not a singer. All I do is talk.”

15. I believe in happiness; but I also believe it comes and goes rather easily. Joy and peace however, can withstand storms.

16. I enjoy admiring nature. It’s definitely a source of peace for me.

17. I’m pretty reserved.

18. My mission is to love like Christ did. And though I won’t always succeed, I won’t ever stop trying. I love you.


  1. Interesting thoughts! Thanks.

  2. it is very good that you understand yourself

  3. I love your #1 point. Humility...ahh. It's hard except when it comes to doing so before Almighty God. I'm now a follower.

  4. Aw this is a great post! Glad to know some things about you! :) Have a greatly blessed day! :)

  5. P.S. I love Kirk Franklin! So you just became one of my favorite people for mentioning him! ;) lol